Skye Wise
This savings product offers the individual the benefits of both the savings and current account benefits with the use of non-clearing cheque book.


  • Monthly Interest paid on account balances (1% above normal savings interest rate).
  • Opening Balance of D2000
  • Zero COT on account.
  • Availability of Cheque book.
  • Accepts cash deposits, other bank cheques and dividend warrants.
  • Accepts Withdrawal from any of our branches.
  • Skyewise cheques cannot go through clearing
  • Minimum operating Balance of D2000


  • 3rd party withdrawals allowed
  • No COT.
  • Account holders are issued cheque books although it is a savings account.
  • Account holders enjoy the benefits of the bank's on-line facility as payment and withdrawal can be made at any of the bank's branches irrespective of where their accounts are domiciled.
  • Dividend warrants and other forms of third party payments are allowed (with suitable references in place).


  • Complete account opening package.
  • Two passport Photographs.
  • Accepted means of Id.
  • Utility bill.

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