Skye Rainbow
Skye Rainbow Account is a savings account for children. It has special features designed to benefit parents seeking to save for the education and other needs of their children. In addition, it seeks to inculcate a savings culture in young children & teenagers thus educating them on the importance of saving and investing for their future.


  • Opening balance of D200
  • Special interest rate of 1% above savings.
  • Withdrawals allowed thrice a month
  • Operational balance of D200

Customer Benefits

  • The savings interest rate is attractive and competitive
  • Enable parents instil the importance of a savings culture in their children
  • Free gifts will be given during the product week.
  • Child will be issued a Rainbow ATM card upon parent’s request.
  • Accepts lodgement of cheque/dividend warrants in the child’s name without references

Account opening requirements

  • Valid identification
  • Parents: Drivers Licence/International Passport/National ID Card
  • Skye Rainbow Account opening form
  • Customer will fill a Skye Rainbow account-opening form. Either a parent on behalf of their child or older children by themselves. Detailing Personal Information, Name of Parent(s) and Child, Date of Birth of child, Home address, e-mail and Telephone No.

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