Skye Auto Lease
This product gives a flexible approach to the purchase of brand new cars

Features Of Skye Auto Lease

  • Minimal equity contribution
  • Online application facility
  • No collateral
  • Brand new Cars
  • Convenient monthly install mental payment
  • Auto Tracking facility for high valued vehicles
  • Insurance on personal Accident
  • Provision of replacement vehicle during repairs of accidental vehicle
  • 48hours response time
  • Facility is available only to confirmed staff for employed individuals
  • Flexible tenor of up to Sixty months
  • There must be insurance (comprehensive) cover for all vehicles noting Skye Bank as the first loss payee.
  • Monthly repayments must not exceed 33.33% of applicant’s net salary.
  • It cannot be used to finance the acquisition of vehicles intended for commercial use.
  • It is only accessible by private individuals.

Qualification Criteria For Skye Auto Lease

  • Applicants to be considered will be in the middle to high-income group earning at least N1m annually net of taxes.
  • When a small business is applying, amount must not exceed 25% of prior year’s turnover, as deducible from verified bank statements presented by the business.
  • Applicants must have been confirmed in their present place of employment, hence should have spent at least six months in their present employment
  • Calculated loan repayment plus interest must not exceed 33.33% of applicant’s monthly salary net of taxes.
  • Applicants should be able to accommodate repayment of the loan from their normal cash flow within the agreed tenor.

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