Loan Advances

These are specialized consumer products that are designed to give you access to cash based on a saving agreement and pre-approved limits on your account with us. So for instance you want to buy a home appliance or a new car or even just extra cash to hold until pay day, choose from one of our specially researched products to make sure that the process is worry free.

Skye Auto Lease

  • Minimum D20,000.00 balance
  • No COT
  • Private banking services
  • Minimal equity contribution
  • No collateral
  • Brand new cars
  • Convenient monthly payments

Am I Eligible?

  • Applicants to be considered will be in the middle to high-income group earning at least N1m annually net of taxes.
  • Facility is available only to confirmed staff for employed individuals
  • There must be insurance (comprehensive) cover for all vehicles noting Skye Bank as the first loss payee.
  • Monthly repayments must not exceed 33.33% of applicant’s net salary.
  • It cannot be used to finance the acquisition of vehicles intended for commercial use.
  • It is only accessible by private individuals.
  • When a small business is applying, amount must not exceed 25% of prior year’s turnover, as deducible from verified bank statements presented by the business.
  • Applicants must have been confirmed in their present place of employment, hence should have spent at least six months in their present employment
  • Calculated loan repayment plus interest must not exceed 33.33% of applicant’s monthly salary net of taxes.
  • Applicants should be able to accommodate repayment of the loan from their normal cash flow within the agreed tenor.

How can I get a 12- 24 month retail term loan?

  • Visit any of our branches closest to you
  • Request for an account executive if you do not have one already

For all other business loan enquiries please call the branch on:
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